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Urolift Prostate Surgery

GOOD NEWS! We now have available an (in-office) procedure to open up the urethra which goes through the prostate. Previously, we have done surgeries in the hospital: TURPS, Open prostatectomies, Laser prostate surgeries, etc. And we have done office procedures: TUMTs, Diode Laser, etc. All these work well. The selection of which to do depends on the patientís age, health, prostate size, amount of bladder previously damaged, prostate shape, bladder function, patient medicines, and more. All these techniques and/or Flomax caused retrograde ejaculation, (less with TUMTs). The UROLIFT procedure is several years old and does an excellent job in patients with medium sized prostates. It is the first procedure NOT to cause retrograde ejaculation. For some patients this is important; some not. This procedure is also done in the office in about 30 minutes and then the patient can go home and stop their Flomax.