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Dr. Cedric Emery

Welcome to the Ventura County Urology Medical Group world wide web site!

For 40 years, Ventura County Urology Medical Group has provided expert, state-of-the-art urology care for our patients from all of Southern California including Ventura, Santa Barbara, & Los Angles County. Our board certified urologist will give you the finest care available while educating you to all the treatments available.

At Ventura County Urology Medical Group, our healthcare services and treatments encompass these areas:

Prostate Cancer Kidney Stones
Impotence Care Incontinence
Supplements for healthy living Preventative Activities
Overactive Bladder No-Scalpel Vasectomy
Prostate Obstruction Natural Hormone Replacement
From our offices located in Ventura, CA, the Ventura County Urology Medical Group provides quality treatment for prostate cancer, including prostate cancer surgery, urinary problems, incontinence, impotency, stones, cancer, and adult hormone insufficiency.  Dr. Cedric Emery utilizes the "nerve sparing" Da Vinci prostate surgery, brachytherapy (seeds), prostate microwave (TUMT), prostate Diode laser treatment, prostate cryotherapy, Endocare, prostate TURP, urethral sphincters, urethral slings (Advance), penile prostheses (Mentor & AMS), penile injections, Viagra, ESWL, stone surgery, laprascopic kidney & prostate surgery, and natural hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  All to provide the best possible healthcare for your specific needs.

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